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Our Care Model

At United, wound care is,
personalized, compassionate,
and comprehensive

Bringing exceptional wound care services to those who need it the most

Personalized, Comprehensive, and Compassionate

Current Challenges in Wound Care

Our Wound Care Model

United Woundcare’s care model directly addresses the many clinical and operational challenges that exists in wound care today. Our multi-level approach is removing barriers to care, improving treatment outcomes, and most importantly, transforming the lives of the most vulnerable patient population.

1. Multi-Disciplinary

  • United Woundcare teams consist of multi-specialty providers including podiatrists, infectious disease specialists, wound surgeons, and vascular surgeons
  • All providers undergo the same advanced training in evidence-based clinical protocols (developed at the Mayo Clinic)
  • All care delivery is team-based; wound assessment and development of treatment plans follow a collaborative process
  • Review of complex cases / stalled wounds occurs on a weekly basis to determine root cause, please take our ‘best course of action’ and to establish best practice guidelines

2. Multi-Setting

  • United Woundcare provides services at multiple settings: hospital, skilled nursing / long-term care facilities, and patients’ residence
  • By going to the patient’s home, United Woundcare mobile teams make it possible for the most vulnerable and neglected patients (home-bound) to receive care
  • By closing gaps in service, United Woundcare is able to maintain continuum of care and take the patient from treatment to recovery in a comprehensive way

3. Multi-Modality

  • United Woundcare providers go beyond conventional care and select advanced treatment modalities because of their effective wound healing properties
  • Wound care teams use a combination of evidence-based therapies to heal complex wounds
  • Treatment is personalized to meet each patient’s needs including customized dressings and products
  • United Woundcare is at the forefront of the latest advancements in wound care; our providers are continuously learning and collaborating with researchers and partners in the industry

Value-Based Care Model